Top Down Perspective

Top Down Perspective 21/09/18

Sean is out this week so Paul and Jon hold down the fort!

Paul has been enjoying his time with Dying Light: Bad Blood (you know, that battle royale thing?) and rekindles his love with Risk of Rain since it came out on the Switch.  Jon has been tirelessly working on Picross S2, continuing in Yakuza Kiwami 2 and, oh yeah, started Spider-Man on the PS4. Also, they talk about the NES Online stuff.

In news, Sony kills the Vita, adds downloading for their PSNOW service, announces a PS Mini, a Diablo series is coming to Netflix and Capcom Vancouver shuts down along with Telltale Games.

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Top Down Perspective 14/09/18

It's a Spidey-cast this week since Sean and Paul are way deep into it and Jon is just about to start. Jon is primarily playing Yakuza Kiwami 2. Sean also checks out Pogocat.

For news we talk about the delayed Nintendo Direct, Project Judge, and Alan Wake possibly getting a TV series.

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Top Down Perspective 07/09/18

PAX West talk this week as Jon returns with tales us unreleased games. He's been playing Devil May Cry 5, No More Heroes: Travis Strikes Again, Killer Queen Black, and What the Golf? Paul is continuing along with The Messenger, and checks out Binding of Isaac: Four Souls and the Mega Man XI demo. Sean tried to play Death's Gambit, and starts up Thumper and Thumbleseed.

For news we discuss the postponed Nintendo Direct (and the corresponding leaks from there), Civ 6 coming to Switch, and THQ Nordic buying the Kingdoms of Amalur IP.

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Top Down Perspective 31/08/18

This week there's only two of us since Jon heads off to PAX West. Sean plays through Donut County and Paul continues with the new World of Warcraft update.

In news we talk about Amazon's preorder discount leaving and new games coincidentally becoming available, the two Nintendo Directs from the last week, and Battlefield V fleeing its release date.

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