Top Down Perspective

Top Down Perspective 27/12/18

Sean is back this week, as we all three are, from holidays and some relaxing time with family. Jon has been having fun going through some single player Smash Ultimate stuff this week in between Christmas stuff while Paul gets super into Battlefield 1 and Assassin's Creed Odyssey as a way to try to not play more Hades. Sean, being 2 weeks out, has been enjoying Mutant Year Zero, more Ashen and gets back into Destiny 2 while also getting hooked on Grimvalor on iOS, Tetris Effect and is disappointed with Below.

In news, some good games coming out on PS+, Discord "Price is Right"s Epic Games store, the Nintendo "Classic" consoles going away, we wish the PS Classic would, Fornite steals some dances (maybe?) and Heroes of the Storm is stopping all focus on eSports.

Top Down Perspective 20/12/18

Sean is away with loved ones this week as we wind down for the holiday season. Jon has been playing some more Smash as well as doing tournament stuff with that while Paul finds peace with the new Darksiders III.

In news, more info about games are coming next year. Also, Spider-Man's Raimi suit is in the game, so let's all calm down, ok?

Top Down Perspective 13/12/18

It's Smash Bros week here now that all three hosts have played it. Jon has also gotten into some Hentai game and Sean starts up Ashen.

In news we talk about The Walking Dead series continuing, a Metal Gear Solid board game, and PornHub's video game related infographics.

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Top Down Perspective 7/12/18

This week Sean continues with Astro Bot and starts into Smash Ultimate with Jon. Paul tries out Onrush and Mutant Year Zero.

For news we talk about the launch of the Epic Games store, Soujaboy game consoles, and The Game Awards news.

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Top Down Perspective 30/11/18

This week Jon is playing with a bunch of weird controllers. He also finds time for Sega Heroes, Quest 64, and Bomberman 64. Sean picks up Dropmix, continues with Moonlighter, and starts up Astro Bot.

In news we discuss Elder Scrolls Blades being delayed, Obsidian announcing when they will make an announcement, Minecraft Story Mode launching on Netflix, and some PlayStation Classic news.

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