Top Down Perspective

Top Down Perspective 26/12/19

Merry Christmas everyone! Sean is back in Calgary this week, live from the basement and we all discuss how our Christmas' went. Paul has been visiting family and only got to continue on some Death Stranding while Jon was bed-ridden from illness but finished up Picross S3. Sean picks up Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order on his Xbox and puts some time into Lonely Mountain Downhill.
Not much in the way of news, but some articles detail stats about PS+ and Games With Gold for 2019 while Steam puts out their own game rankings.
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Top Down Perspective 19/12/19

Jon is sick this week so he didn't get to hear Sean and Paul talk about how much they're trying to get through Death Stranding for the holidays and their thoughts on the King of Cards DLC that released for Shovel Knight. Sean has also been playing A Short Hike and finishing off A Plague Tale: Innocence while Paul checks out the Risk of Rain 2 update.

In news, a bunch of great deals on games are going on for the holidays and we run some down. Also, more Wolf Among Us 2 info comes out, the PS4 controller gets back paddles and Mark Hamill plays Fortnite with Ninja.

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Top Down Perspective 12/12/19

Oh boy there's a lot of news this week, but first let's tell you what we've been playing. Jon is starting up Yoku's Island Express. Paul continues with Death Stranding, and checks out Demon's Tilt and Darksiders Genesis. Sean finishes Pokemon and Outer Worlds, and plays through the Life is Strange 2 finale.

In the fore-mentioned news part we discuss Sony's State of Play live stream, Nintendo Indie Showcase livestream and finish up by running through the Game Awards.

Before this episode Paul and Sean streamed overtop of the Game Awards and you can find an archived version of that right here:

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Top Down Perspective 05/12/19

Jon runs us through his Thanksgiving this week and how he played a ton of weird Roadblocks mods with his family. Paul starts into Sekiro and Death Stranding. Sean tries out Need for Speed Heat and Takeshi & Hiroshi.

In news we talk about Control possibly coming to Game Pass, the big Mario Maker 2 update, and Riot settling its lawsuit.

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