Top Down Perspective

Top Down Perspective 23/01/20

It's the new year? Sean is back from PAX South with tales of the games he encountered. He has also started Tokyo Mirage Sessions on the Switch. Jon is doing a new game clearing quest this year and starts off with Mega Man: The Wily Wars. Paul plays through Voxelgrams, checks out Slay the Spire's new character, and starts 999.

News has finally begun and kicks off with a ton of games getting delayed, we also discuss Sony backing out of E3 again.

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Top Down Perspective Game of the Year 2019 Edition

We managed to crawl out of our sickness filled beds in order to record one of the most excited episodes of the year: the 2019 Game of the Year show! All three of us run through several different categories, naming the best and worst games we played. We also reveal what our community voted on for their picks. Of course, each one of the hosts runs down a list of Top 10 games from 2019. At the end, we check in on the yearly predictions we made last time and state some new ones for 2020.

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Top Down Perspective 09/01/20

With Jon very sick we had to postpone our GOTY episode. Paul is back to talk about Kuukiyomi, Voxelgrams, and Indivisibles. Sean finished Remnant, Builder's Journey, and continues with Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order.

News is beginning to start again with the PS5 logo announcement and Alienware UFO from CES, we also discuss the recent Pokemon direct.

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Top Down Perspective 02/01/20

Happy New Year! It's the first episode of the decade and you know what that means.....or you'll have to listen through to find out!

Jon is away at MAGfest. Paul has been playing Rage 2, Totally Accurate Battle Simulator, and finishes Death Stranding. Sean plays through Gris and Kuukiyomi: Consider It.

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