Top Down Perspective

Top Down Perspective 23/04/20

The three of us are still real deep into Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Paul has beaten it, Sean is nearing the end, and Jon keeps trucking through. Sean is also real into the latest Animal Crossing update and less into the Journey to the Savage Planet DLC. Paul checks out the final (sad) Mario Maker 2 update.

In news we discuss the latest Nintendo game updates, Fornite coming to the Google Play Store and Epic announcing why that's a weird issue, as well we talk about GeForce Now losing more publishers' games from its service.

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Top Down Perspective 16/04/20

Final Fantasy 7 Remake is the big release right now and all of us are neck deep in it, including special guest Nathan Rohr! He's also been playing Animal Crossing and NBA 2K20. Sean also played through Journey to the Savage Planet.

In news we discuss the PS5's possible launch hurdles, the Switch adding button remapping, and Kotaku slowing disappearing.

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Top Down Perspective 09/04/20

Resident Evil 3 Remake it out this week and Paul has played through it, along with the multiplayer Resident Evil Resistance. Jon claims to have completed Animal Crossing. Sean tries out Totally Reliable Delivery Service.

Sony revealed the PS5's new controller design, we also discuss the recent Inside Xbox livestream, and E3 no longer doing an online event this year.

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Top Down Perspective 02/04/20

Animal Crossing talk continues in full swing as Jon and Sean discuss that creepy new rabbit. Sean is also continuing with Doom Eternal, and starts into Paper Beast, Roundguard, and Borderlands 3's new DLC. Paul plays through Control's latest DLC.

In news we discuss Mario's 35th anniversary, Gearbox's weird payment structure/issues, and the Last of Us Part 2 getting delayed indefinitely.

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