Top Down Perspective

Top Down Perspective 27/05/21

NOTE: There are a few points in the recordings where all three of our mics unalign themselves due to our recording software. Sorry in advance.

Sean is away this week but Nathan comes in to take his place. We catch up a bit on what he feels about revisiting Mass Effect and learn about Dr. Kawashima's birthday through Brain Age. Jon is trying his best to get through Resident Evil 7 while Paul gets disappointed in Biomutant.

In news, Sonic is everywhere! Even in our hospitals? Lots of games get release dates, Horizon Forbidden West looks great, Valve might get into the Switch game and, speaking of Switch... new one this fall?


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Top Down Perspective 20/05/21

We're joined by special guest Jake Dekker this week to talk about Mass Effect Legendary Edition, he's also been enjoying Disco Elysium Director's Cut. Sean wraps up Outriders and Outer Wilds and starts into The Wild at Heart. Paul is playing Subnautica Below Zero.

In news we discuss some of the earnings Apple has made from Fortnite alone, two new PS5 DualSense controller colors, and Super Bomberman R Online's release date from being Stadia exclusive.

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Top Down Perspective 13/05/21

Jon gives us a rundown of how his Colosseum weekend went. Paul talks to us about Resident Evil 8. Sean wraps up Eastshade and looks for more cozy gaming in Outer Wilds.

We begin news with some updates from Remedy and the numerous games they're working on. Ubisoft gives more information on what they have lined up for the year while also delaying Skull and Bones again. We also discuss Legend of the Hidden Temple returning.

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Top Down Perspective 06/05/21

With New Pokemon Snap out we discuss what's new, what's great, and what's frustrating about the sequel. Sean's also been playing the new season of Apex and Eastshade. Jon plays through Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion. Paul is anxiously waiting for Resident Evil 8 to drop while finishing Outriders.

The big news this week (and probably for the next three) is everything coming out of the Epic vs. Apple court case. We also discuss a slew of new Division properties on their way, Game Builder Garage, and Walmart possibly entering the cloud gaming space?

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