Top Down Perspective

Top Down Perspective 29/07/21

Sean is still out but that's OK. Paul gets super into Death's Door, refunds Idol Manager and breaks out the phone to play Contra Returns and NieR Re[in]carnation. Jon starts up Final Fantasy X again to play through for a project.

In news, lots of games get updates, a few new studios form, Tokyo Olympics play video game music and Activision Blizzard updates!

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Top Down Perspective 22/07/21

Paul and Jon hold the fort down as Sean is out with injury. Jon hasn't really been playing much but is able to now talk about Blaster Master Zero 3, which he does. Paul, on the other hand, has been continuing through FFXIV, checks out the beta for New World, gets enthralled with Cris Tales, gets disappointed in Pokemon Unite's monetization and falls in love with Death's Door.

News is a bummer. Activision Blizzard on trial for some messed up stuff, Tom Clancy gets a bunch of attitude and EA Play shows us a bunch of neat things coming up.

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Top Down Perspective 16/07/21

Jon is busy playing games on stream, but checks out Null Drifter in his spare time. Sean tries to finish CrossCode from start the end before Wednesday (and almost does it!) while Paul spends a lot of time in Final Fantasy XIV.

Valve tries to out-Nintendo Nintendo by announcing the Steam Deck while Netflix tried to out-Stadia Google by getting into video games?


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Top Down Perspective 08/07/21

The vaxxed boys are in the house! Yay science.

Jon has been recovering all week so he's been playing Gears 5, and Jumanji: The Video Game, as well as finishing Mario Golf: Super Rush. Sean plays through Space Jam: A New Legacy and starts into CrossCode. Paul begins Everhood and Yakuza 0.

We start news off by discussing the announcement of the Nintendo Switch OLED model, we run through Sony's latest State of Play livestream and we discuss Assassin's Creed Infinity.

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Top Down Perspective 01/07/21

It's Mario Golf Super Rush week and Sean is real disappointed, it also didn't help that the Pirates of the Caribbean/Sea of Thieves game mode also frustrated him. Paul wraps up Nier once and for all.

Lots of developer news this week including the acquisition of Housemarque, Remedy announces a new Left 4 Dead-style shooter in the Control universe, and some updates on what's coming this month at EA's summer livestream.

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