Top Down Perspective

Top Down Perspective 23/09/21

It's all about technical difficulties this week, apologies for that in advance.

Jon comes with stories of Lost Judgement and how paid streams work behind the scenes. Paul finishes Psychonauts 2 and starts into Deathloop and Kena: Bridge of Spirits. Sean continues with Tales of Arise and gets disappointed with I am Fish and Skatebird.

We begin the news segment with a rundown of the latest Nintendo Direct (of course we discuss the Mario movie casting), as well as updates to Activision Blizzard, Apple vs. Epic, and Quantic Dream possibly working on a Star Wars game.

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Top Down Perspective 16/09/21

The flood of games has begun and we are thriving.

Jon starts into Deathloop and plays through WarioWare Get it Together. Paul continues with Psychonauts 2 and tries out Eastward. Sean plays through Life is Strange True Colors and starts Tales of Arise.

We begin the news segment talking about the PS5's September update, we also discuss a live action Twisted Metal series, the Switch getting bluetooth headphone support, and the results from Apple vs. Epic.

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Top Down Perspective 09/09/21

We're back and talking about Sean's trip to The Last Blockbuster. Jon gets invested in Mario and Zelda randomizers. Paul checks out Psychonauts 2 and the Ghost of Tsushima Director's Cut.

We start news off with a rundown of an exciting PlayStation livestream. We also discuss Horizon Forbidden West changing course and allowing free upgrades, and No Man's Sky finally reaches a new review milestone on Steam.

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Top Down Perspective 02/09/21

Jon finally completes Final Fantasy X this week and we all couldn't be happier. Paul gets into Tormented Souls and continues Final Fantasy XIV. Sean plays a bunch of the second Borderlands 3 season pass and tries out Spaceplan.

In news we discuss the Windows 11 launch date, Midnight Suns shows off its first gameplay, and China limited gaming time for minors.

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