Top Down Perspective

Top Down Perspective 25/11/21

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone despite whether you celebrate it or not!

On today's show Jon talk about his time with The Mummy Demastered. Paul tries out the curiously titled Pronty: Fishy Adventure. And when Sean isn't knocking hit microphone over he discusses Guardians of the Galaxy, Exo One, and Pokemon Shining Pearl.

News is short but we bring up Doug Bowser of Nintendo announcing his displeasure with Bobby Kotick, an Amazon Mass Effect series, and Harmonix being purchased by Epic Games.

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Top Down Perspective 18/11/21

We're all wearing blue this week and that foreshadows the rollercoaster of a time Jon is having. In between turmoil he founds time to play Forza Horizon 5, Guardians of the Galaxy, and a collection of arcade games. Sean tries out Halo Infinite's multiplayer, Battlefield 2042, and Returnal. Paul is playing Final Fantasy 7: The First Solider.

In news we run through the usual few delays and then deep dive into the insane Activision/Bobby Kotick nonsense, we wrap up with making some predictions around The Game Awards.

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Top Down Perspective 11/11/21

We celebrate Jon's birthday the only way we know how: by recording a podcast that mainly focuses on video games. Jon finished Hollow Knight this week. Paul plays through Unpacking and tries out Forza Horizon 5. Sean beats Inscryption and dives back into Dicey Dungeon.

In news we discuss both the Steam Deck and the Playdate getting delayed into 2022, 1 vs. 100 possibly coming back, and Ubisoft still not fixing its work place.

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Top Down Perspective 04/11/21

We're back from Halloweekend with tales of how the spooky night played out. During this time Paul bought an Oculus Quest 2 and played a bunch of VR games including Resident Evil 4. Jon continues with Hollow Knight and tries out Mario Party Superstars. Sean plays through The Forgotten City and Unpacking.

In news we discuss Amy Hennig starting work on another game, Overwatch 2 and Diablo 4 getting delayed to 2023, and Nintendo's latest sales numbers.

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