Top Down Perspective

Top Down Perspective 23/12/21

Merry Christmas Eve Eve to all! We recorded a short episode for you since not a lot is happening around these video game lands.

Jon plays through Sayonara Wild Hearts and Mcdonald's Treasure Land Adventure. Paul and Sean play through The Gunk.

In news we dive into just what exactly is going on with the new Telltale Games studio, Tencent acquires Turtle Rock, and the Hugo Awards announce their first video game winner.

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Top Down Perspective 16/12/21

We're back with tales of miserable holiday travels. Sean has been playing Rocket League Sideswipe and Loop Hero. Paul gets way into Halo Infinite. Jon is playing like five different Bomberman games plus a ton of other stuff.

We start news off by seeing how our Game Award predictions turned out, we also discuss the announcements from the show, and a couple of weird NFT related stories.

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Top Down Perspective 02/12/21

We enter the last month of the year talking about the new Hawkeye and Arcane (League of Legends) TV shows. Paul started up Guardians of the Galaxy. Sean is playing through Death's Door and Disc Room.

In news you'll hear topics such as Kingdom of Amalur getting brand new DLC, RE4 becoming the best selling VR app in Quest history, and a possible Chrono Cross remake.

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