Top Down Perspective

Top Down Perspective 27/01/22

With the three of us back we quickly grab Jon's thoughts on the Xbox/Activision Blizzard acquisition before getting into games. He's been playing Walkabout Minigolf and Vampire Survivors. Paul dives into the Momodora series as well as Sucker for Love: First Date. Sean finishes the first Great Ace Attorney title and is quite enjoying Nobody Saves the World.
With news we continues discussing what's up with Activision Blizzard, Hyperscape shutting down, and three new Star Wars games being announced from Respawn.
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Top Down Perspective 20/01/22

Hooo boy! We start things off by diving right into news since Microsoft just purchased Activision Blizzard! We run down the chain of events as well as speculate what this could mean for the two companies, their tens of thousands of employees, and what it could mean for us - the little people. It's the largest acquisition in video game history!
Of course we also talk about some games we're playing such as Nobody Saves the World, Rainbow Six Extraction, and Pupperazzi.
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Top Down Perspective Game of the Year 2021 Edition

Welcome back to another Game of the Year celebration!

This time we're running down our favorite games from 2021, including our biggest disappointments, favorite audio and we even made some predictions about 2022.

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Top Down Perspective 06/01/22

Happy New Year and Happy Episode 600!

This week we're talking all about our holiday times and what we've been up to over the break. Jon plays a bunch of Fortnite, Paul continues with Guardians of the Galaxy, and Sean revisits Horizon Zero Dawn.

In news we discuss the PlayStation VR2, a couple of tiresome NFT stories, and an update on what's up with BioWare.

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