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It's still Zelda fever over in these parts. All three of us are playing it a ton. Jon also finished Sunset Riders and VVVVVV. Paul is enjoying Solitairica. He and Sean have been playing a bit of Mass Effect Andromeda.

In news we discuss the April Games with Gold, Bloodstained no longer coming to WiiU, and Super Mario Run arriving on Android.


PAX East was this last weekend and Jon returns with tales of the convention. He played Splodey and Iconoclasts. Sean starts up Oxenfree and Disc Jam. They both have been playing a lot of their Switchs and Zelda.

News this week is the announcement of Dropmix, PS4 games coming to PS Now, and Drawn to Death's release date and price.


Jon is away at PAX East but that's cool because we have a lot of games to discuss. Paul continues with Fire Emblem Awakening and Horizon. Sean plays through Solitairica and his new Nintendo Switch. They both are paying Breath of the Wild.

News is short, the next Box Boy is announced and Rime has some weird pricing issues.


It's Nintendo Switcheve and we're all getting excited for it. Paul is playing Hollow Knight and Horizon Zero Dawn. Jon is playing Rivercity Ransome Underground. Sean went to GDC and played a bunch of unreleased stuff.

News is some more information about the Switch, the March PS+ games, and the GDC awards.


It's a slow week here as we get ready for the coming wave. Sean is playing The Lost Shield. Paul isn't doing a whole lot and Jon talks about a mystery video game tournament.

News is a lot of Switch talk and the Games with Gold for March.


Unfortunately Pokemon Go returns and ruins Sean's life. He's also playing Halo Wars 2. Paul plays the new RE7 DLC and gets into Fire Emblem Awakening. Jon continues with Yakuza 0.

News is big this week and includes the Breath of the Wild expansion pass, some cool Humble Bundles, and the next game from FTL's developers. 

Also worthing noting is that our Discord now has a Game Exchange channel where people can post extra steam keys they have for others to redeem and enjoy!


The three of us continue to play through Fire Emblem Heroes. Paul checks out the Ghost Recon Wildlands beta. Jon finishes a few more games on his 52 games quest. Sean tries out Not a Hero.

In news we discuss Link's full name, Humble beginning to publish games, Twitch communities, and the Switch's online service's price range.


We've got Fire Emblem Fever over in these parts. Everyone's playing it quite a bit. Jon also got way into Yakuza 0 while Paul continues with Resident Evil 7. Sean starts up Tales of Berseria and finishes The Last Guardian.

News is short but we discuss the Xbox One version of Crypt of the Necrodancer and a brand new PAX getting announced.


I bet you can't wait to hear Paul's thoughts on Resident Evil 7! Jon is playing some shitty games for a tournament, along with Super Hexagon. Sean dislikes Pokemon Duel, and he checks out the latest Overwatch event.

For news we discuss February's Games with Gold, Crystal Dynamics announcing an Avengers game, and Ni No Kuni 2 coming to PC as well as day and date with Japan.


This week Paul doesn't play anything and bides his time for Resident Evil 7, however Jon brings the thunder with a whole bunch of games including Wild Guns Reloaded, FFXV and Power Rangers: Mega Battle. Sean has been playing some Rock Band 4 pro-drums and is starting Ace Attorney 5. 

In news, more Nintendo Switch stuff, Fire Emblem is taking over the world and Swery65 starts his own studio.

**Apologies for the sound quality weirdness in some parts this week. My recording went weird and had to pull it from the stream. You can blame me, it's my fault. -Paul**


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