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Jon is away at PAX East this week. Paul continues with Dark Souls 3 and dislikes Rogue Stormers. Sean keeps trucking through Apollo Justice and Enter the Gungeon.

In the news section we discuss some new info on the PlayStation Neo, Super Giant's new game Pyre, and the Xbox 360's discontinued production.

We finally all reunite! Paul and Sean are quite into Enter the Gungeon. Paul also is playing a whole lot of betas right now. Jon isn't really playing anything and, instead, is doing his taxes. 

There's no news except for Pokemon lingerie!

Bit of a slow week this time. Sean is playing Prune, Stardew Valley, and the second episodes to The Walking Dead: Michonne. Jon is done with that Elves/Magic/Super Evolution thing and plays a good chunk of Hunie Cam Studio.

News is the Gears of War 4 release date and beta information as well as Telltale Games' next publishing choice.

It's Miitomo season for us here on the show and we have mixed feelings about it. Jon is playing a lot of old SNES games while Sean continues with Quantum Break and Pokken Tournament.

As for news, we talk about some weird Anamanaguchi stuff, Xbox Ones finally being able to work as dev kits, and the free games for April.

Not even snow or rain or gorgeous sunshine will keep us all away from this week's podcast. Jon is playing some weird Japanese games that were put onto a cart for him. Sean starts Pokken Tournament and Quantum Break. Paul is playing The Division for reals. 

News is a few things PlayStation and a bunch of debunked rumors regarding the WiiU and the NX.

We're all back together this week. Sean spent some time at the Game Developers Conference and got to try out the HTC Vive, PlayStation VR, and a ton of other games. Paul is playing a lot of Clash Royale and The Culling. Jon tries out Earth Defense Force 4.1 and Rocket League's hockey mode.

We discuss a bunch of GDC announcements including the PlayStation VR's price and launch date, Oculus's launch line up, and Gang Beasts is getting a VR mode.

It's a short one this week since all three sections of the show are scarce. Sean is playing Fire Emblem still and got a bunch of iOS games during some sale. Jon played Batman the Return of Joker and we check in with his Pokemon rip off thing.

News is mainly Lionhead being in talks of shutting down, but we also discuss next week's GDC and the PlayStation VR.

This week Sean continues with Fire Emblem Fates and Jon is slowly breaking down about not buying it. Jon is playing a bunch of old Game Boy games such as Spiderman 3.

Let's be honest, the news section is pretty much all about the latest Nintendo Direct.

This week Sean starts Fire Emblem while Jon gets mad at it. Jon completes The Witness. Paul is enjoying more of The Division's open beta.

News consists of the forthcoming Nintendo direct, possible Pokemon leaks, and the HTC Vive's price being announced.

MAGfest once again strips us of Wheeler but it's alright. Paul and Sean discuss Firewatch. Sean continues with The Witness. Paul plays a bunch of Rise of the Tomb Raider and Xcom 2.

The results of the Emotional Games Awards are announced....so that's a thing. Quantum Break coming to Windows 10, a Sonic the Hedgehog movie, and Kanye West's video game are all topics we discuss in news.

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