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It's Pokemon Go week around here and we've all been way into it. Sean and Paul are playing Inside. Paul's also quite into Monster Hunter Generations.

Pokemon Go is in the news too, along with a tiny Nintendo, and Overwatch's new character.

It's Pokemon Go season around these parts and with it being out for only a few days we are basically just talking about how bad this app is. Yet we're all addicted to it none the less. Sean also mentions Box Box Boy and Paul talks VA-11 Hall-A: Cyberpunk Bartender Action, Tokyo Mirage Sessions, and Hyper Light Drifter.


Sean is away this week so we bring in Hank (@ComicPanels) to fill in a bit. He's been playing Dead By Daylight and a bunch of Overwatch along with some Rhythm Heaven Megamix on 3DS. Jon has been playing some classic Kirby, Tomba! and Mighty No. 9, along with Paul.

No new this week, so we answer questions from last week!

E3 has come and gone and we run through all five of the press conferences. Discuss the games we're interested in and the trailers we highly recommend. 

Jon talks about a couple Kirby games, while Sean brings up Mirror's Edge Catalyst and Rhythm Heaven Megamix.

Overwatch is still hot this week. Paul also tries the Dead by Daylight beta. Jon is playing some video game versions of board games and Golf with Your Friends.

Tons of pre-E3 news this week. Agents of Mayhem getting announced, a Persona 5 info dump, Injustice 2, Watch_Dogs 2, and a bunch more.

MomoCon is over and Jon is back to tell us about his time at the convention. Paul and Sean continue to be real into Overwatch. They also continue to play long JRPGs.

As for news, we talk about a possible Division movie, Starbreeze announcing Payday 3, and Japan's most memorable games for every console. 

It's almost entirely Overwatch this week as Sean and Paul dive deep into it. Paul has also started up Persona 4.

News is basically the reveal of the rumored next Xbox, codenamed Scorpio.

This week Paul is greatly enjoying the new Doom game. Sean finishes up with Uncharted 4 and continues with Bravely Second. Jon is traveling for work. 

It's all about video game movie announcements this week for the news.

Before he leaves for MomoCon Jon is here to talk about Bravely Second with Sean. They're also both playing Uncharted 4. Paul continues with Overwatch and the new Siege DLC.

In the news section we discuss the new Assassin's Creed movie trailer and Disney Infinity being shut down.

This week we are discussing two different conventions: the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo as well as PAX East. 

Jon has been playing There's Poop in my Soup and the Pocket Card Jockey. Sean finished Apollo Justice. Paul tries out Shellshock Live and the Paragon beta.

News is mostly Nintendo this week with some info the NX, the next Zelda, and a 3DS/WiiU Humble Bundle.

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