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Top Down Perspective 17/07/14

We tried to get Jon on this episode but he continues his convention traveling with stop number two. In the mean time both Sean and Paul finish Shovel Knight. Paul also dips back into WoW and doesn't like Unturned. Sean finises Monument Valley, Murdered: Soul Suspect and starts up Strider.

In the News section we bring up how Microsoft created the largest layoff in history, EVO, Destiny pre-order information, digital sales at retail and how Dota is being shown on TV.
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Top Down Perspective 10/07/14

Jon is travelling to another convention this week so Sean and Paul get deeper into Murdered: Soul Suspect and Shovel Knight. Sean also plays through the final episode of The Wolf Among Us and Rayman Fiesta Run. Paul is only playing Payday 2.

Cliffy B returns to the game industry starting up BossKey Studios. We also talk about the announcement of Battleborn, the iOS App Store turning 6 and pricing information for the single player portion of Hearthstone.
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Top Down Perspective 03/07/14

It's all about Goosebumps on this episode. Choose. Your. Own. Adventure. We've all been playing Shovel Knight. Jon continues to prepare for his upcoming tournaments, Paul dislikes the end of Murdered and Sean LOVED the end of Super Time Force.

The Ouya is still a thing in the news and we talk about women in eSports for a while.
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Top Down Perspective 26/06/14

A new era begins as we welcome Paul Fleck onto the show as the new third seat. He talks about Murded: Soul Suspect, Shovel Knight and Nosgoth. Jon is still playing Tomodachi Life for some reason, Nidhogg and Killer Instinct. Sean finishes InFamous Second Son and is playing Super Time Force and Max the Curse of Brotherhood.

We also discuss Phil Fish's brief and controversial return to twitter, something about Warcraft and how Games with Gold is still kind of a bummer.
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Top Down Perspective - E3 2014 Edition

We're all back and running down what happened at the big event. We discuss all the major press conferences and everything that was shown within. Jon also tells many a tale of his time at the convention and we end off on a bit of a sad note.

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Top Down Perspective 08/06/14

It's the day before E3 and we assemble to make our predictions! We also discuss more Mario Kart 8, Transistor and Jon dives into Tomadachi Life.

News has rumors of Mario Maker, possible Last Guardian cancellations, the WiiU gets its first DS Virtual Console release in Japan and Gaijin Games changes its name.
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Top Down Perspective 02/06/14

Nathan is busy movie this week so Jon and Sean run down what they have been up to in the last two weeks. Mario Kart 8, Mario Golf, Triple Deluxe, the new Walking Dead and Wolf Among Us episodes are discussed and more!

News is packed as we discuss a crazy Japanese Mario Kart 8 commercial, more lawsuit business for Oculus, a couple games getting announced and some studios closing and laying people off.
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Top Down Perspective 19/05/14

Sean is back and has many a game to talk about, including the latest Kirby, Mario Kart and Mario Golf installments. Nathan meanwhile is one again enamored by the devious redundancy of Work Time Fun and is apparently not rhythmic enough to enjoy Parappa the Rapper. Maybe he's just gotta believe?

Newswise, Microsoft is changing up a bunch of things with Xbox Live, Halo is coming back in a big way and that new Amplitude will include music by Anamanaguichi and Freezepop...if it gets funded.
Then its questions, which you can send us @tdppodcast, our facebook page or (forgot to mention that). 
And hey, first time recording in the same room for years, so the sound quality may be...different. Enjoy. 
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Top Down Perspective 12/05/14

Just Nathan this week as Jon travels to the US to chill with Chugga and Sean travels light to his hometown. Rusty's Real Deal Baseball and Work Time Fun make up the games section this week, then a few news stories concerning Nintendo, some Microsoft rumors that may as well just be considered facts and EA's decision to stop supporting a bunch of old multi-player games (get those final Battlefield sessions in before June 30th). The its on to about thirty minutes of Nathan doing his best to answer questions about games he's never played. Thanks for listening to this, the second Ramblin' Rohr episode of TDP.

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Top Down Perspective 06/05/14

Two man show this week with Jon and Nathan. Jon gives us the run-down on a trial run of the zombie apocalypse before jumping in on Rusty's Real Deal Baseball, Picross e4 and the latest from the team that brought you Far Cry 3, a JRPG with poetic dialogue called Child of Light (who'da guessed it?). Nathan FINALLY played that copy of Pikmin 3 he borrowed from Sean last year and started raging with the angriest six-armed deity in gaming in Asura's Wrath

Then its news time with more Direct-style info from Nintendo, digital Kevin Spacey (his face doesn't move right), a new Kickstarter from Harmonix that may actually be worth a look, hot new Vitas, insane budgets, depressing mergers, all that and a mountain of YOUR questions on this week's Top Down Perspective!
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