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Top Down Perspective 11/09/14

We try out streaming on Twitch again this week so things are a little weird. Jon continues to play so many games including Hotline Miami, Lethal League and the beta for Might No. 9. Paul played Garry's Mod with our community. Sean checks out a bunch of Vita PS+ games and finally starts Layton/Wright.

We discuss a few new release date announcement and the rumor about Microsoft wanting to buy Minecraft.
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Top Down Perspective - PAX Prime 2014 Edition

Jon played a record breaking number of games this time, he honestly just doesn't stop bringing them up. As much as we try he keeps going. Paul tries out Super Time Force Ultra, Hitman GO and more Dark Souls 2. Sean plays the Walking Dead season two finale and Halo Spartan Assault. 

There was a major 3DS Nintendo Direct that included the announcement of a new hardware model. We also discuss Super Meat Boy Forever, Run Sackboy! Run!'s announcement and Minecraft coming to the Xbox One.
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Top Down Perspective 24/08/14

We lose Jon to yet another convention since PAX is this weekend. Sean and Paul are left to reminisce. Paul goes back to DayZ and gets freaked out from Five Nights at Freddy's. Sean continues his necrodancing, gets quite confused with Invisible Inc and really enjoys Hitman Go.

For news we talk about Amazon's purchase of Twitch, September's PS+ offers and interesting Mario Kart 8 DLC is revealed.
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Top Down Perspective 21/08/14

This week Sean's been playing more Crypt of the Necrodancer, the third Kentucky Route Zero episode and Tiny Wings got updated. Paul is wrapping up all the new Hearthstone content, trying out Invisible Inc. and reminding us who developed N+. Jon has mixed feelings on P.T. and starts playing Counter-Spy.

In the news section we discuss how Super Time Force is coming to steam soon, Team Meat's teaser trailer and The Behemoth's fourth game.
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Top Down Perspective 13/08/14

It's Wacky Wednesdays on this episode and we make sure that it is a success. Jon has been playing Broforce, Super Time Force and Waluigi of Time. Paul isn't really playing anything. Sean finishes Strider, falls in love with Crypt of the Necrodancer and has mixed feelings on Rymdkapsel.

Gamescom is happening this week so there is just a ton of news in general.
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Top Down Perspective 07/08/14

This week, Sean plays the "I moved and have no internet game" so Paul got to play the "nothing is working right game" while Jon resumed his "I feel sleepy" game.
In reality, Jon revisits some gems of the past such as Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: The Movie, Contra: The Alien Wars and Time Slip. Paul, in the meantime, enjoys some Abyss Odyssey, starts a descent into madness trying a Dark Souls 2 "Deathless" run and enjoys some free-to-play business in Firefall, Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Phantoms and Velvet Sundown.
In news, Resident Evil REmake gets a... REmake? Twitch pisses their userbase off and a bunch of cool games are announced (including a port of Bioshock to iOS devices!). 
We answer a bunch of questions, ramble on about random talking points and slowly show our true colors. All this, and more, on this episode of the Top Down Perspective!
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Top Down Perspective 31/07/14

Finishing up his third convention recently, Jon talks about his time away Shovel Knight and Tappingo. Paul continues with the new Hearthstone expansions (Sean takes a crack at them too) as well as trying out EVE Online. Sean plays through episode four of The Walking Dead's second season.

The PS+ games for August are announced, there is a Firefly MMO coming and the Last of Us movie is green lit.
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Top Down Perspective 24/07/14

We find one Jon Wheeler around town and invite him on the show this week before he leaves again for San Diego. He discusses his last couple weeks of travelling as well as Tomodachi Life. Paul has been playing that new Hearthstone expansion as well as Divinity: Original Sin. Sean is almost done Golden Sun 3 and starts up South Park.

Google seems to have bought Twitch, some release dates are also brought up and we discuss settlement stuff from Sony in this week's news section.
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Top Down Perspective 17/07/14

We tried to get Jon on this episode but he continues his convention traveling with stop number two. In the mean time both Sean and Paul finish Shovel Knight. Paul also dips back into WoW and doesn't like Unturned. Sean finises Monument Valley, Murdered: Soul Suspect and starts up Strider.

In the News section we bring up how Microsoft created the largest layoff in history, EVO, Destiny pre-order information, digital sales at retail and how Dota is being shown on TV.
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Top Down Perspective 10/07/14

Jon is travelling to another convention this week so Sean and Paul get deeper into Murdered: Soul Suspect and Shovel Knight. Sean also plays through the final episode of The Wolf Among Us and Rayman Fiesta Run. Paul is only playing Payday 2.

Cliffy B returns to the game industry starting up BossKey Studios. We also talk about the announcement of Battleborn, the iOS App Store turning 6 and pricing information for the single player portion of Hearthstone.
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