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Top Down Perspective 22/01/15

This week Paul talks about the North American released of REsident Evil as well as HuniePop. Sean sticks to iOS this week with more Pair Solitaire, Spaceteam and Heads Up! Jon is away at MAGfest.

Microsoft held their Windows 10 event and we discuss what relates to games. Nintendo decides to shut down Club Nintendo, and Harmonix is really hinting at a new Rock Band.
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Top Down Perspective 15/01/15

Games are barely starting to come out so it's mainly backlog stuff this week. Sean finishes Mordor while Jon plays some Picross 3D. Paul continues with Far Cry 4 and gets mad at Sony.

News is basically all about the latest Nintendo Direct, we also discuss Hotline Miami 2 and new Rock Band DLC. -- Watch live at
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Top Down Perspective 08/01/15

Back from the break we want to discuss what we've been playing over the last couple of weeks. Sean goes through all of Assassin's Creed: Rogue and a good chunk of Shadow of Mordor. Jon has been playing some random DS eshop games as well as Captain Toad's Treasure Tracker. Paul continues with Far Cry 4 and Depth.

We didn't really follow the (lack of) news but we bring up the holiday outtages on XBL and PSN and Bungie giving away ODST to Master Chief Collection owners.
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Top Down Perspective - GOTY 2014 Edition

Every year, it happens. Games came out. We played them and decided which we liked and those perhaps we didn't care for. Now... now we remember the year as a whole and name some of the worst and absolute best gaming experiences we had in 2014.

Along with you, the community, it's been a long and winding road we traveled this year and we were astounded to have almost 100 personal entries for each category to tally up. Now sit back, relax and let's wrap up 2014 the right way...
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Top Down Perspective 18/12/14

Not a lot going on this week due to the holidays coming up. Sean is taking care of some stuff before leaving for Canada for a couple weeks so it's up to Jon and Paul to hold the fort down. Jon plays Ultimate NES Remix and Paul dabbles here and there in World of Warcraft. 

In news, Ralph Baer has passed, Telltale is making a Minecraft game and a video game is pulled off Steam Greenlight.
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Top Down Perspective 11/12/14

Paul finally starts up Bayonetta 2 and is already loving it. Sean plays through Game of Thrones and a good chunk of Captain Toad while continuing with Crossy Road. Jon beats everyone by playing Picross DS, Crypt of the Necrodancer, Broforce and a good deal more.

The Game Awards happened as well as the PlayStation Experience and a good chunk of announcements came out of that.
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Top Down Perspective 04/12/14

From the far east Jon joins us, but never too far from video games. He's been playing more Picross DS, The Jackbox Party Pack and Binding of Isaac as well as Halo The Master Chief Collection with Sean (who also played through the first episode of Tales from the Borderlands). Paul hasn't been playing too much. 

A 20th anniversary PS4 is being released to a limited supply, we also talk about Steam's new broadcasting options, the next Assassin's Creed and Team YP.
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Top Down Perspective 27/11/14

It's Turkey Day for a minority of this podcast, not really - he didn't have any turkey. Paul has been playing Far Cry 4, This War of Mine and Dragon Age: Inquisition. Jon goes back to Picross DS, starts up Smash WiiU and checks out The Master Chief Collection. Sean finishes Bayonetta 2, starts working through Pokemon and is excited about Geometry Wars 3.

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Top Down Perspective 20/11/14

Paul continues with the new Binding of Isaac and Jon joins in and plays through all of Picross e5. Sean and Paul both play through A Bird Story. Then Sean plays some Luftrausers, Sunset Overdrive, Smash WiiU and Bayonetta. 

There isn't much news, G4 is officially gone. 
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Top Down Perspective 13/11/14

Sean is away this week again, so in his memory Paul plays a lot of Binding of Isaac: Rebirth and Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare while Jon parties it up playing Fibbage and Smash Bros on 3DS.

In the news, Geoff Keighley hosts another video game award show, Amiibos from anywhere in the world will work on your console and BlizzCon announces a whack of updates for upcoming Blizzard products!


Geoff Keighley has a new video game award show

Just Cause 3 announced

LEGO Jurassic Park might be a thing

BlizzCon News:

StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void Announced!

Goblins vs Gnomes™—Explosive New Cards to Debut This December


StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void Announced!

Overwatch™ Unveiled at BlizzCon

Geometry Wars 3 out Nov 25:

Amiibos are not region locked:

See through 2DSs are coming state-side

Another silly Nintendo peripheral:

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