Top Down Perspective

Top Down Perspective - E3 2015 Edition

Jon returns from his trip to California with tales of E3 2015. We run through every press conference that went on, discussing everything they mentioned. Bethesda, Microsoft, EA, Ubisoft, Sony, Nintendo, and Square Enix. We mention our favorites, least favorites and what we are most excited for.

Top Down Perspective 21/06/15

It's the week after E3 and we aren't talking about any of it at all. (That will come next week). Sean returns from his trip to Europe and he talks about Puzzle and Dragons Mario/Z, Fallout Shelter, and Minish Cap. Paul is playing Duck Game, Hearthstone, and Akiba's Trip.

Top Down Perspective 12/06/15

Sean is away this week travelling the globe, so Paul and Jon call to Hank (@comicpanels on twitter) to fill the void in the podcast and their hearts in Sean's absence. Hank has been enjoying the new Double Fine turn-based tactic game Massive Chalice, being a cowboy out for revenge in Westerado: Double Barreled and trying to kill God in Devil Survivor: Overclocked. Jon has been in the ink playing a bunch of Splatoon between bouts of Stretchmo and streaming games such as Hotel Mario and Super Castlevania. Paul? Well, he's mainly been doing handheld games and finally started the Phoenix Wright games for the first time ever when he hasn't been addicted to The Witcher 3.

In news, Ouya is selling to Razer, Hearthstone adds a cool sounding new Tavern Brawl mode while trying to steal your money for new characters, Xbox One gets a price drop, YouTube competes with Twitch and... The Last Guardian might be at E3?!

Top Down Perspective 04/06/15

In this rather over-stuffed episode, Jon is back to talk about MomoCon and where he's been hiding out for the last two weeks. In the time away, he's been playing Mario Puzzle and Dragons and Stretchmo while Sean finally starts up Axiom Verge. The two also talk at length about Splatoon. Paul, on the other hand, has been playing MMOs he can't read (Blade & Soul) and is actually super excited about it.

In the news, Twitch hates Hatred, Fallout 4 is announced, Steam issues a refund program and Disney XD is working on... this thing:

P.S. Thank you everyone who continually supports the show by listening and sending in questions/comments and news. We go through a whole lot of those in this episode and love every minute of it!

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