Top Down Perspective

Top Down Perspective 07/08/14

August 8, 2014
This week, Sean plays the "I moved and have no internet game" so Paul got to play the "nothing is working right game" while Jon resumed his "I feel sleepy" game.
In reality, Jon revisits some gems of the past such as Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: The Movie, Contra: The Alien Wars and Time Slip. Paul, in the meantime, enjoys some Abyss Odyssey, starts a descent into madness trying a Dark Souls 2 "Deathless" run and enjoys some free-to-play business in Firefall, Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Phantoms and Velvet Sundown.
In news, Resident Evil REmake gets a... REmake? Twitch pisses their userbase off and a bunch of cool games are announced (including a port of Bioshock to iOS devices!). 
We answer a bunch of questions, ramble on about random talking points and slowly show our true colors. All this, and more, on this episode of the Top Down Perspective!