Top Down Perspective

Top Down Perspective 13/03/14

March 15, 2014

Sean is back and has FINALLY conquered Bravely Default. Jon, meanwhile, has become trapped in an endless time loop, playing it for all eternity. Will he escape? Tune in next week to find out. 

Sean also checked out Half Brick's latest, Bear vs Art and has begun playing the new entry in the Professor Layton series. And something called Oqonie? Sounds weird. Jon also began playing the latest Donkey Kong Country while Nathan played much of Remember Me in a single sitting, dabbled with Jack Lumber (which used to have the tagline "Trees Suck") and that game Threes? Well, its on Android so he acknowledges that he can't stop playing it compulsively (the new Tiny Tower maybe?)
News mostly consists of a couple game release announcements, but the new initiative by Amazon to stream games to your home is probably the most noteworthy story. All that and a pretty hefty barrel of questions on this weeks Top Down Perspective
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