Top Down Perspective

Top Down Perspective 30 - 11 - 10

December 1, 2010

It’s a four man show this week with Pixel Response’s own Paul Fleck joining the regular crew for some gabbin’ bout games (one of Nathan’s early ideas for a name for this very podcast, fun fact). Various games have been played including s’more of that Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit, more Pac-Man CE DX and a dash of Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood for good measure. Not to mention Pitfall II: The Lost Caverns marking Game Room’s return to awesomeness. No seriously, there are actually quality Game Room games on the way. As to why, no one truly knows but we speculate a bit. Also, Sean has officially fallen head over heels in love with ilomilo, an adorable little indie game that is worth jumping through some weird hoops to purchase. Oh, and Paul played Black Ops, so apparently the servers are still up for that one.

Then we tackle some news, starting off with some bizarre casting decisions on the upcoming Uncharted film. In short, we ain’t happy. We also examine some Mass Effect 2 stats, catch up with Axl Rose and all the wonderful things he’s been doing, and discuss some happenings regarding Sonic 4, the upcoming Elder Scrolls V, and Nintendo’s CES plans. All that and some random discussions along the way on this week’s Top Down Perspective.