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In honor of our 50th episode we get the WORST technical difficulties we've encountered so far. BUT! Nathan demands this broken as hell show be published so I apologize in advance for Sean broken as ASS audio (luckily only for about a third of it).

On the bright side Sean talks about finishing Mass Effect and the disappointment that is Pinnacle Station. He and Jon also played Marvel Vs. Capcom 3. Jon also starts up Bionic Commando Rearmed (for whatever dumb reason) along with some GameBoy game. Nathan finishes (and falls in love with) Ghost Trick, goes back to the SPLENDOR that is Burnout Paradise along with some The Godfather 2.

On the news front we have some possible additional DLC for Mass Effect 2. Telltale announces a The Walking Dead and Fables game along with a sequel to Puzzle Agent. DoubleFine announces that they're making a Sesame Street game and we discuss long and hard about the merit of the Dead Island trailer.

Also, we decide to start doing some form of community game sessions. If you'd like to add either Nathan: Kraznor or Sean: Angel Gamerr (just these two for now and only 360 for now) to your friends lists we will attempt some form of community multiplayer sessions from here on out. Over the next week or so, we'll most likely be looking at Burnout Paradise to start things off.