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We talk about a ton of movies this week but that doesn't stop Sean from bringing up Wanted: Weapons of Fate, Red Dead Redemption and, along with Nathan, Limbo. Jon talks about Chrono Trigger DS, Apollo Justice and how he can't seem to start Dragon Quest IX. Nathan finishes what we've been playing with Death Spank.

The San Diego Comic Con is on so we run down some of its more video game centered announcements. Dead Rising: Case Zero gets a price point and we're both excited and worried. Kinect bundles and prices are finally revealed and Demon Souls online/white tendency is increased.

We want you to write in a lot this week with three separate questions for you to answer. 1) Would you like to hear us do a podcast all about Spy Fiction? 2) Do you think the next rookie (Carmine) in Gears of War 3 should live or die? 3) What do you think happened to Frank West at the end of the original Dead Rising? Send in your responses to the email address (topdownperspective@hotmail.com) or comment with your answers on the site.