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This week Nathan and Sean run through some Killzone 3. Along with Hotel Dusk: Room 215 and Dragon Age: Origins and they get ready for Dragon Age 2. Sean also mentions some Bulletstorm at the very end.

As for news, Gears of War 3 gets a release date and beta announcement as well as Command & Conquer getting brought forward by a new developer. Nintendo announces the 3DS's North American launch line up and Ubisoft reveals We Dare.

As for our community game night, as always you can add Nathan: Kraznor and/or Sean: Angel Gamerr (only Xbox 360 for now) to your friends list if you'd like to participate in some community multiplayer. Currently we are going to be playing Burnout Paradise and you can expect to see us driving around over the next two weeks. Check in on our Twitter accounts (@Kraznor and @Galaxytonight) for further information.